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    Hello! Thank you for stopping by today.
    My name is Judi Clark. I am the proud mother of a son Bill, and daughter-in-law Heather, and grandaughter Alison, who fortunatly for me live nearby. I have one daughter, Jennifer, and son-in-law Brian, who also live near.:(
    I have one sister, and two brothers also in Indiana. They are busy with their families, but I am certainly glad for the times we do get to share. Our parents, William(Bill) and Ruth(Smith) Clark have both gone on before us. We also have one uncle(mother's brother) and one aunt(daddy's sister) living. We began with many, and have wonderful memories of them, plus the joy of many cousins that they gave us.

    I had the privilage of being born in Holden, West Virginia.
    My parents moved our family to Indiana when I was age four. I feel I have two home states. I enjoy my hoosier life, family, and good friends here in Indiana. But as you will see, my roots are in West Virginia. Daddy always said that he had "transplanted us", but, I believe he could not budge the strong tap root.

    You see, I have become involved with a wonderful group of people who, in one fashion or another have Logan, West Virginia roots also. They have rekindled my love for the state where, not only I was born, but, also where generations of my family before, walked those lovely hillsides. I find warmth in that thought.

    There is a common factor among folks born in West Virginia, no matter, age or distance, they always refer to it as "Home"
    I like that!

    I also enjoy our "Clark" family web site which has brought many second and more removed cousins together.

    Inspired by friends I hope to share some of my home, in both, Indiana, and West Virginia with you.

    Judi Clark*Indiana "via" West Virginia
    After having a guest book, and hit counter, with 1,000 hits, 30 viewers had signed my book. I got the idea that we may not like signing, so please, send an e-mail to me instead, if you would care to, it is much easier, and I would enjoy your mail. I lit a candle to help you find your way to my mail, just click on jess.

    SRC="http://members.tripod.com/~JudiClarkOtt/flwr2next.jpg" HREF="http://members.tripod.com/~JudiClarkOtt/river.html">Guyandotte River/Reflections of Daddy
    One of my own pages, a moving water picture of a scene from my dad's youth.

    Another flowing water picture located in West Virginia with a swinging bridge.

    Statue of "Devil Ance" Hatfield
    A statue of Devil Ance Hatfield, the leader of the Hatfield clan(Hatfield and McCoys) at the cemetery where he is buried!

    Remember Thy Creator
    This is a must see! It is a moving creek, located in Mt.Gay,Logan,WV. Besides it being so realistic, it is near the school my mother attended. (smile)


    Logan , West Virginia
    Interesting reading, updated daily, genealogy search information exchanged.

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